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Today nearly 75% of small and medium-sized companies have a website in France. While the vast majority of them understand the importance of having an online presence, many do not know where to get help to translate this digital presence into hard cash. This is when you should hire a digital agency. Menu 1/ What is a digital agency ? 2/ What a digital agency will bring you for your communication ? 3/ What a digital agency won’t bring you 4/ Why work with Pluvian, digital agency in Grenoble ?

1/ What is a digital agency ?

Apart from creating website, the main mission of a digital agency is to define, create and disseminate a message on different social media, in order to generate qualified prospects. Social media means understanding all digital communication channels: website, social media, blogs, etc. To achieve this mission, the digital agency will take into account three major players :
  • The company: its identity, its activity, its history, its influences, its geography, its culture, its values…
  • Its customers: who they are, what their background is, what their goals are, what their pain points are. One of the tools often used is the buyer persona
  • Google: it is the most used search engine in France, with nearly 95% market share. Every day, nearly 7 billion requests are made using Google. For content to be found on Google, having a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is mandatory.
  Thus, a digital agency will take into account these three dimensions, define which message to convey on the Internet and which social media best fit to the chosen target. Then it will create it and publish it and measure the results achieved.

2/ What a digital agency will bring you for your communication ?

The specificity of digital communication comes from the way people learn on the internet. Indeed, when a company communicates via posters, television or radio commercials, advertising brochures, it pushes a message to its target hoping to be seen. With the Internet, the approach is not the same. The change comes from the behavior of Internet users. They go online to find answers to their questions. In order to start a business relationship with the internet users, the company has to be there. If the company is not present, it misses a lot of opportunities.. Aware of this paradigm shift, companies have increased online content. It is estimated that 2006 to 2017, articles published per month have increased from 10,000 articles per month to nearly 100 million ! The consequence of this content explosion: it becomes very difficult to be on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). To be successful, you have to professionalize your content strategy. The role of a digital communication agency is to track these requests, in order to be able to provide a response to this potential future customer and ensure that they are on the first page of the search engines. To start a content strategy without a professional and structured approach, is to run the risk of being part of the vast majority of websites, which are not found by anyone and which languish in the depths of Google’s ranking. If you do not do that, your company’s website is only going to be found by users that type in the name of the company. The missions of a digital agency can be summarized in this way:
  • Create website
  • Define and disseminate corporate culture
  • Understand the purchase journey steps of the different customer typologies, and define content in line with theur purchasing journey
  • Quantify the results:
    • how many visitors went to the site ?
    • how many qualified prospects identified ?
    • which content brings the most leads ?
    • how many new customers ?
    • where do leads come from ?
It is thanks to the analysis of these figures and the actions that will follow, that the digital communication strategy will remain relevant and fruitful. Request your mini SEO audit here

3/ What a digital agency won’t bring you

The role of a digital communication agency is to create trust between the company and its target. Through its action, the company will meet people who are potentially interested in what the company is doing. The conversion of prospects into customers remains the work of the company’s trade force. Digital communication does not replace sales, but provides valuable support. In particular, the work of commercial prospecting, does not disappear: it evolves. Sales representatives are primarily looking for prospects who have shown an interest in what the company is doing, and are therefore more attentive to their message.

4/ Why work with Pluvian, digital agency in Grenoble ?

At Pluvian, we are convinced that:
  • Competition has intensified to be visible on search engines
  • To be successful, there is no magic trick : it is a meticulous hard job
  • It’s exciting work because it’s about bringing out the best and letting your target know where you are, when they want it.
Come and meet us to explain your growth plans. All our teams are at your disposal to exchange with you and answer your questions. Renaud Vuillet