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Get more leads with Inbound Marketing

Turn your web com into a lead machine

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Get more leads with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about creating and communicating relevant and valuable information for the purpose of attracting and acquiring a specific target. The ultimate goal is to establish a mutually beneficial sustainable business relationship.

Being at the right time

At a good place

With the right person

A methodology that has been proven to make more sales

We offer you all the resources you need to increase your traffic, convert your leads and demonstrate your ROI, as well as the know-how of a team of professionals dedicated to the development of your business.


1. Attract

  • Blog
  • Keywords
  • Social networks

2. Convert

  • Forms
  • Call-to-Action
  • Landing pages

3. Conclude

  • E-mail
  • Workflws

4. Build loyalty

  • Events
  • Inbox of social networks
  • Smart automated content
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Working together for the implementation of the Inbound strategy

1. Hubspot Software Installation2. Determine the target

The reason for setting up an Inbound strategy is to find leads. The first step is to determine who is your target, what are its expectations, what is its problem. To do this job, we use buyer persona cards.

3. Define the editorial line

The editorial line meets the expectations defined by the buyers persona cards. This is to define on which themes the content will be built, and on which the company will show his expertise. Demonstrated expertise must meet a strong expectation from the target. These are the conversion routes: a journey by waiting for buyer persona.

4. Implementation of the publication schedule

Once the editorial line has been decided, it is necessary to decide who writes the articles, who uploads them, when, how often, on which publication channel (blogs, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter …)

5. Measurement of results

It is essential to measure the scope of publications. For this, it is necessary to set up performance indicators. With the analytics data offered by search engines and social networks, it is possible to analyze quite finely the scope of what is published.

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