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Building an Inbound Marketing Strategy means allowing a company to stay tune with the behavioral changes of its customers and prospects. In just 5 years, the way internet users get their information and do their purchase have been greatly impacted by the new digital tools. A shift began to appear between businesses and consumers.

According to a study by comarketing news, 70% of French consumers have already made an online purchase (26% with their smartphone) while only 11% of French SMEs offer this opportunity.

In the same way to inform themselves, they use the search engines to find an answer to their questions. The Inbound strategy will be based on understanding the issues of its customers and prospects and will provide information that responds to it. The supports to provide this quality information that companies think in priority are, blogs, newsletters, news, infographics, white papers. The choice of one or the other of these supports will depend on several parameters: the strategy pursued, the level of expertise sought, the sector of activity …

One format, however, records a growth superior to the others, it is the video and in particular the video in Motion Graphics. Motion Graphics is the technique used to animate digital images. The video will represent 82% of global internet traffic within two years.

There are plenty of benefits to use Motion Graphics videos.

The video touches several senses: by showing and explaining at the same time, the message is more easily memorized. Above all, we are now facing a battle of attention on the internet. The video can produce fun content that will easily catch the eye and encourage the influx of visitors to your site.

It can adapt to the purpose of communication: it is possible to make « tutorial » videos to explain how to use a product, a service, fill an administrative form, explain the installation of a mechanical part. It can also be used as a more modern tool to « sell » its products or services.

The video creates commitment: with a click rate higher than its written counterpart, and can become viral if it is more often relayed on social medias.

The site siecledigital.fr gives all the figures on the growth of the video in the digital marketing

How to measure the effects of a video in Motion Design?

It is important to define which KPIs (or performance indicators) the company will put in place to measure the results obtained. According to official figures, 72 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on Youtube. It is therefore essential to target your audience to be sure to find it, and to measure the results. Among the KPIs there are:
-Number of times the video was displayed
-Number of times the video was viewed in full
-Number of completion of the call to action (if relevant)

The choice of the KPI (s) will depend on the Inbound Marketing strategy that has been decided beforehand.

In summary Motion Graphics video goes further than just providing information: it tells a story by adapting to new Internet usage habits.

Renaud Vuillet